Chiara Barzini

Chiara Barzini is a screen, fiction, and journalism writer who was born in Rome and raised as a teenager in Los Angeles, where she became obsessed with canyons, quartz, and the Grateful Dead. When she moved to New York she steered her fascinations towards the discovery that a huge slab of granite beneath the city of Manhattan is the reason why nobody there is able to walk or think slowly. The absence of a mineral subterranean life and psychedelia in the city of Rome, made her return to the homeland a bit harsh, but opened her up to new interests including: abandoned castles and the nightlife of cattle. She lives in Rome with her partner Luca, their children Sebastiano and Anita, two cats, and one dog.


Agent: Claudia Ballard, William Morris Endeavor,

Publicity: Michael Goldsmith at Penguin Random House,